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Leo Kamen -

Courtesy John Kissick:  Pop 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 2008

“Leo knows and cares deeply about art and, being a writer, he articulates what he sees as much from a parallel practice as an observer. His encouraging analogies regarding my work have lingered as talismans against the usual doubt and unease of art life.”

— Karilee Fuglem

“From the moment he walked in Leo was intent, present, listening. He disparaged nothing. He respectfully challenged, provoked, and inspired, all towards an opening up of my work. When he left I realized he had skillfully pulled from me, and articulated, what had been lingering just below the surface. No imposition. A truly meaningful encounter. Definitely worth the beer!”

— Victoria LeBlanc

“Leo made me feel at ease right away.  I felt like I was seen and understood and he helped me with solid suggestions for moving my work forward. It was a very affirming session.”

– Janice Mason Steeves

“Thank you so much for suggesting the working session.  You certainly gave me much to contemplate and I look forward to the next time – when I am ready with new work to discuss.”

-Elaine Waisglass

“I haven’t stopped working since you left my studio!!!!
Can’t believe that after the conversation with you about my work, I have such a clear mind and even clearer idea. Thank you !”

-Nada Sesar-Raffay

“Our talk yesterday has given me more to consider. I appreciate your comments and insights. I will go to my studio today with a renewed commitment to my toil with oil and brushes.”

-Susan Lukacho

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